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Dr. Heiko Nathues was invited to come and visit Institute of Veterinary Medicine

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On July 5, 2017, Dr. Heiko Nathues, professor of Animal Clinical Medicine from University of Bern, Switzerland, was invited to conduct a one-day academic exchange with the Institute of Veterinary Medicine. In the afternoon, he spent two hours presenting a special report about the current status and future development of the studies on the epidemiology, diagnosis , treatment and preventive measures of swine Mycoplasma pneumonia in Europe and the United States. He particularly introduced purification programs and maintenance measures, clinical diagnosis and virulent pathogens isolation of  swine asthma in Switzerland.
After the presentation, Dr. Heiko Nathues had talked with the researchers on special technical interests and agreed to provide their Eradication models of  swine asthma to Chinese farms
Dr. Heiko Nathues is an honorary professor appointed by Institute of Veterinary Medicine of JAAS. He is one of the internationally well-known experts engaged in Mycoplasma Mycology. This time he is on his way to participate the seminar of big data and intelligent pig raising in Hong Kong.